the soaring heart

“Being a rebel at heart and a passionate seeker, I experimented with the universal energies in many ways. Through my experiences was born the realisation that there was no particular doctrine, effort or rigid discipline to be adhered to. The heart must have the purity of freedom to soar into its own flight of delight. There was neither an acceptance nor a rejection of any specific ideals, methods or rounds of satsangas, the spiritual gatherings. / The human soul can never be herded into similar techniques or beliefs. The soul must have its freedom of individuality; one’s heart must have the space to seek the eternal truth.”  ~ Shambhavi, from Yogic Secrets of the Dark Goddess

“Goddess belief … works to engender a better way of living together, a more co-operative and caring way of being, and a way that acknowledges the rhythms of the universe, the music of the spheres, the spirit that is in all of us. There is no dogma, no set way of doing things, no hierarchy of elected ones in Goddess spirituality; it is an eclectic, organic and fluid movement … .”  ~Cheryl Straffon, Daughters of the Earth

Thank you for sharing.

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