BlueMesaMarion Woodman.

Clarissa Pinkola Estes.

Jean Shinoda Bolen.

Anne Baring.Achladia Tomb in Sepia 2012

These are well-known women ~ or well-known to me ~ who have brought the Divine Feminine up from Her depths using, in great part, Jung’s Psychology.

While reading Marion is relatively new to me, I first read the works of the other three women many years ago and look forward to refreshing my acquaintance. They all have published books and a variety of audio and/or video works.

In addition, I’ve recently come across another woman who dives into Jung and the Feminine: Jean Benedict Raffa.

I have been exploring, for quite a while now, in greater scope their unique perspectives enjoining Gaia, the Divine Feminine, and Jung. This is in conjunction with the wisdom of foremothers on the Goddess Path (who have been speaking their words into my on-going journey since 1995).

I also feel the need to consciously integrate the principles of masculine and feminine, to see them as expressions of the elements along a continuum. In other words, to realize and describe how we are all unique manifestations of air, fire, water, earth, and ether — whether male or female — and that it is the dance of these elements within our forms, along with our Soul, that portray the qualities we currently refer to as masculine and feminine. But this is a subject for further writing …

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