Gaia, The Divine ~ Nature and Spirit Are One

My writing is not about religion or dogma as established by someone else — far from it. I do not attach the images and messages to any particular established religion or deity, though these help me to clarify my personal relationship with the Divine. For instance, I was raised in the Christian Church, and have since then explored the texts and contexts of many other religions. However, I seek to speak from my own heart and soul, and as I have felt guided by Higher Self (Soul) and Spirit, none of which are isolated from the other. I do, however, speak of Gaia, the Divine, in the feminine pronoun most often because I am woman and She is the aspect of the Infinite to which I align myself most easily. This shift is happening in most organized religions as well, where women are reclaiming the Divine Feminine within the constructs of their uniquely spiritual paths (this can be seen on the Feminism & Religion blog, through the writings of women who are Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, Pagan, and many more).

My written journeys have allowed me to reflect upon my physical self, my place in this manifest world, my Soul, Spirit and how I am not separate from Source. While I had years ago embraced this concept intellectually, the contemplative writing process in the past couple of years opened/opens me to a deeper knowing—a felt realization rather than a thinking one. A facet of clarity is in knowing that Soul is our bridge between Substance and Spirit.

I often write of Mother Nature and Infinite Spirit/Source as One—Gaia—because our beautiful and amazing world shares not only Her Spirit with us but provides a mirror and metaphor and meaning to our experiences. I no longer see a separation between Divine Source, human and the natural world—flora, fauna, mineral. We are One yet distinctly individual, as are our perceptions of Gods and Goddesses throughout time, and this makes sense to me, it is not a contradiction, nor even a paradox except in the sense of knowing and embracing the mystery. For more on various views and interpretations of Goddess, see “Why Women Need the Goddess” by feminist and thealogian Carol Christ.

No matter where I start writing from, I always end up at Gaia, just as the rivers and raindrops pour into the vast ocean of our gorgeous blue and green world. This is not a conscious effort but rather a natural flow, and one for which I am forever grateful.

I give thanks to Gaia, blessing the Source of Life for guiding my hand to share my Soul, in deepest love, compassion and peace.


 Reflections of both the outer and inner journeys, my writings share thoughts, feelings, and the vibrational flow of the blessed world around me within which I become immersed and so swim within Her currents. Past, present and future merge as the energy is here and now in every piece. The portals are from prompts, images, experiences, and all those impressions that flow through me and take me toward heart-opening and awareness of the One. Most pieces are written as contemplations or reflections in a stream-of-consciousness style emerging as simple reflection or story, metaphor, simile or allegory.

When I write, there is usually Spirit interwoven with Substance, and Imagination holding hands with Reality; the result is a reflection that can be perceived in a variety of ways, revealing connections on different levels without expectation. Those who read and resonate with my writing seem to take away with them a unique or new understanding of themselves or the world, and this is my wish for those of you new to these words—the sound of my voice through symbols on a page. I invite you to open and place yourself within the space of the imagery … become the sand or the bird for a moment and feel the reveal.

The writings are the gifts of a Gaia Path, the wisdom I experience when dropping into an awareness that arises when I don’t seek to control what I’m writing; the flow simply happens, directed by openings of many kinds. These doorways and windows, wells and caves, beckon me enter and receive a message.

It is important to share that the words I have written are not fixed. They are not made of stone or rigid in their meaning, and are often non-linear. Rather, they flow and change, morphing into meaning that each reader alone can decipher within their unique resonance of experience and journey.

When language became written, there was a shift that led to them being assigned a literal expression that seemingly could not be questioned or changed. And yet, the essence within them still resides from that first moment when they gestated, were created, and then birthed upon the page where they are seen in many guises not to be interpreted rigidly by any one person, including the one who gave birth to them in their current sequence. The words flow from me, from the core of my being, and so they wear the clothes—colors, shapes, textures—of my life and journey. They reflect what I have seen and felt with heart, mind, eyes and body. They may offer different reflections for you, and so may it be for all of us that the words carry the essence of love, the vibrations of realization, and the face of The Divine in all energy subtle and substantive.

There is nothing unique to this opening, this gift that I feel with such grace as it flows, and yet it is rare and precious. We—all life—know this Oneness of flowing with the essence of the Light and Dark of Gaia. A realization of flowering into every moment. I feel humble when I re-read the words I have written because they aren’t mine; they have simply come through me.

Each piece is a bouquet of flowers from Gaia’s Field. Each flower grew from heart and soul nourished through experience and sensation and wonder. Each blossom emerged from the vital soil of Oneness that permeates all life when we open to it. We open and resonate. We cannot help but do so when we spread our arms wide as a reflection of the flower in full bloom, our center exposed to wisdom, and allow the Divine to flow unimpeded.

May we all be healed on the Gaia Path.

provocative post on anthropomorphism in religion creates another of these potential openings, a portal to climb through that can lead in any direction for … Gaia is the very essence of possibility shifting each breath, every pulse and glance and embrace. Her possibility is infinite as can be witnessed by the diversity of how She is “imagined” into being by each of us. Gaia — as Nature (or matter) and Spirit (space or non-matter) — is the ultimate possibility that grants all the rest; within field or forest, desert or ocean, the possibility of spirit-in-matter and matter-in-spirit seeps, rains, blows, burns, and lifts life into creativity where, in my case, another story begins. Our not-so-final rest within Her breast presents another facet of possibility to soar away from body and explore, whispering these new infinite perceptions to those still in form and they hear and write and are infused with the realization of the permeability that is Gaia within and without.

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