Following are a few of my favorite web sites and blogs, some that include resources or reference materials. While I may not agree in entirety with the opinions of the diverse group of people and organizations listed below, they have all lit a spark of Divine interconnectedness realization on various levels, contributing to my spiritual growth and contemplative expansion.

There is a powerful overlay of earth-centric spirituality upon the Divine Feminine in my own journey; even though the name Gaia has been used more traditionally to depict only our biosphere and not the deeply significant spiritual intimacy of our elemental interconnection, I am reclaiming the Unity of Spirit and Matter as Gaia, along with many other people. So, while some of these links may not directly address the Divine Feminine, each has played or plays a part in my continuing journey On the Gaia Path.

Feminism and Religion – There are many amazing women who post regularly on this blog from Carol Christ to the guest contributors who bring intriguing perspectives like Max Dashu and Amanda Kieffer and Gael Belden and so many more.

Goddess Tours International with Cheryl and Lana – This is a pilgrimage to Crete and the Goddess, with guides based in the UK. I highly recommend this experience! I went in October 2012 and found the entire journey to be a joy and a blessing far beyond my expectations.

Thomas Berry“The universe is a communion of subjects, not a collection of objects.” The first book I read of his was Evening Thoughts ~ Reflecting on Earth as Sacred Community, a slim volume that called to me from a shelf in the bookstore at Kripalu where I was receiving training in Ayurveda.

Dirt Worship – Starhawk’s blog on earth-based spirituality. This woman, through her writings (The Spiral Dance and others), has been pivotal in opening my eyes to another view of the Infinite–the Divine Feminine, the Goddess.

David Abram – His book Becoming Animal: An Earthly Cosmology held me breathless with every turn of phrase and intuitive wisdom.

Belili Productions – The resource for ordering the classic Women & Spirituality ~ The Goddess Trilogy as well as the more recently released Signs Out of Time. I first saw The Goddess Trilogy on PBS in the mid-90s; I had video-taped it and wore out the tape with repeat viewings long before it was finally released on DVD.

Womanspace ~ Theapoetics ~ Woodspriestess – A lovely blog that I recently found. Molly’s posts reveal her enthusiasm for spirituality, as well as her passion for community.

Joyous Woman – Step into these writings and know the Divine Feminine.


3 thoughts on “Links

  1. I unexpectedly met Thomas Berry and his wife on a walk, many years ago. He was not feeling well, however, his enthusiasm for Nature and Ecology were on fire, I spite of his declining health.

    I had not heard of him before that, but he told me about his property and how he and his wife had planted hundreds of trees and about his books. I feel honored to have met him and his wife.

    And all over an afternoon stroll in the woods. Magical.

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