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Inkwell of Purpose

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Dreamstime Free Downloads

A few days ago, I read the following on the Writing a Sacred Path blog:

“Even if all you do is spark a few moments of doubt in the mind of someone who thought they already had everything figured out. Even if your writing does nothing more than let in a single sliver of light. Even if your lovingly crafted words are just a quiet whisper in the reader’s ear.That whisper, combined with hundreds more, can turn into a roar.”

These few lines from the Writing Can Change the World post were the inspiration that I needed in that moment, the words reminding me of the conclusion I arrived at after my pilgrimage, after writing a memoir about that journey:

“As long as I can continue spilling feelings and thoughts like a river upon the page, then I am fulfilling my inkwell of purpose as scribe for the life-giving Creatrix of this precious birth. Through this practice, the energy of my joy and passion vibrates into the universe. I remind myself that I don’t need to know any ultimate reason, or see the results of my efforts, because the joy of my vocation is to witness and then share what I see and experience, with the framework of loving-kindness my guide, and Gaia my inspiration.”

This intention of honesty, vulnerability, and awareness is what I seek to bring into presence whenever I’m writing, whether it’s a blog post, or the novel I’m working on, or the non-fiction manuscripts that seem unending in their call to create and share.

I have no delusions of grandeur that I am or ever will be a great writer, and that doesn’t matter. What matters is that I am following my heart and soul, witnessing, whispering. This is the path of writing into relationship with the Divine Feminine that is within me and out in the world.