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In The Land

free photo © Martina Misar-tummeltshammer | Dreamstime.com

She holds all memories within the land, the events are whispered from voice to ear and back again among the echoing chambers of the conch shell of Universal Sacred Sound. I know we connect with Her when we pause upon the land and look, listen to the voices of all wisdom vibrating among the peaceful solitude that is Gaia in Her most natural state. This is where I find Her most within me and within Nature burgeoning with life and harmony through transformation of existence.

Community of people is sacred, too, but can be overwhelming in its chaos for one who is not adapted to that kind of energy. Renewal is needed, solitude is precious as blood and water and air. She is the fire of my blood rushing and changing; She is the air I breathe, moving in and out to clarify and allow discernment; She is the water filling my body with love and creation; She is the earth that holds me steady and tucks me in at night to sleep dreams of inner and outer space where galaxies whirl and I taste the fullness of Being in both places at once. Serenity fills me in the land, walking among Her elemental children, listening to their laughter, smiling at their contrasting natures, the magical playground of a manifest Divine existence. And all within are held to the vibrating images and ethereal expressions of infinite time looping upon itself as now.

Maybe that is why I am drawn to walk the island of Crete. Not only for a connection to Sacred culture and community where the Divine Feminine was alive and well in the hearts and practices of the people. But to listen to the land, the sky, the ocean and sun — a place wherein all the elements dance and play in community of balance. Where better to feel Her Spirit among ancient land memories? To swim in Her warm waters, to rest upon Her sandy skin and hear the waves share the mystery of the universe which is all of us, and wonder … who am I? Really?

In spite of my hybrid heritage, I am not called to the cultures of my genes — not strongly, not long-term. I return again and again to the lands of Greece, Crete, Egypt … feeling a tremendous pull upon the threads woven, hidden, in the tapestry that is me. Is it simply the exotic sleight-of-hand, the veil of mystery, the rich allure of amazing cultures of melded magic and mundane? Or is it more? Did I experience past life there? In those mystical lands? The earth, She will speak to me about this. Maybe while walking Crete, maybe not until later in contemplation, but I already hear Her voice soft and wise in promise, Her hug of the land calling me into Her core where I will learn more about my Self, this life’s purpose, even if it is a ‘little life’ simple and humble. I will be listening, alert to Her rhythmic messages upon the land that calls.

What can I be for Her? How can I open to Her need for expression? How does She wish to manifest through me? Will our vibrations synchronize into a joyous new melody, plain and sweet? Always inviting Her wisdom and breathtaking joy and awesome inspiration — with open arms, heart, mind and soul. As I cross into the last third of my life, I am content yet also yearning to continue opening to Her voice in the world, in Her lands and wondrous creatures. My mind in its imaginative state, can experience what my eyes cannot see … yet.

And so I listen always … Her earth is under foot and within my bones, the same air I breathe in was once a current of air beneath a bird soaring above the Mediterranean, my salty blood was once part of Her ocean, and Her sun connects every day one to the other in continuity, me here and other beings ancient across the world. Are they there now? Time is illusion. Maybe I will walk beside a young girl of thousands of years gone by as she gathers greens for dinner and we will know the same moment, the same presence, hear her whisper “are you there?” And we walk the same land, our footsteps overlaid as one in the dirt of life that holds us in form.