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A simple metaphor of my own journey is to be Barefoot On The Gaia Path. (For more thoughts related to this, see Barefoot Spirituality.)

I invite you along on my barefooted journey as a sort of scribe for the Goddess, writing into relationship with the Divine Feminine (not “female” … feminine; go to Marion Woodman’s “Conscious Femininity” speech for help in understanding a difference in perspective on this). I call this essential Divine Feminine energy Gaia; She is everything and nothing, and you can read more about my ongoing journey into Her essence on the tab for Gaia.

I also feel the need to consciously integrate the principles of masculine and feminine, to see them as expressions of the elements along a continuum. In other words, to realize and describe how we are all unique manifestations of air, fire, water, earth, and ether — whether male or female — and that it is the dance of these elements within our forms, along with our Soul, that portray the qualities we currently refer to as masculine and feminine. But this is a subject for further writing …

I feel like this space shall allow me to explore my feminist earth-core spirituality (one that began with Mother Nature, as explained in various pagan philosophies, and since then into myriad explorations of other spiritual paths, including Sanatana Dharma and the Samkhya philosophy of India, as well as the mysticism of the saints, specifically Saint Hildegard of Bingen, who I feel to be an ancestral kindred spirit) in more depth, as it relates to writing, and the readers of my other blogs (see sidebar) may not have an interest in this aspect. Sure, they could just skip over the posts, but it’s also fun and creative to set aside space — kind of like how I have a space for Yoga, a space for creativity, and a space for meditation, devotional prayers, and sadhana. The rooms in our houses may be divided but we flow freely from one into the other, and this feels natural … this feels appropriate, not to separate, but to discern with more clarity and to create focus. For more thoughts related to this, see Barefoot Spirituality.

It can take a long time to fully understand and embrace a message we’ve received even when we had been living into that voice for years, we might not recognize the truth in the words when revealed. I’ve heard three distinct phrases whispered to me by the Divine Feminine these past several years; they are what Clarissa Pinkola Estes refers to as disembodied voice dreams:

“Wear the gypsy feathers well” … I hear this as a guidance to be myself, be true, be eclectic and comfortable in that essence of me and my soul and spirit and style of walk upon the earth … this is the soul message of my spiritual journey, and

“Scatter your ashes and flowers will grow” is a message to share the melancholy, the troubling times and emotions, the physicality of my journey and mental state so that beauty may arise from the sharing, and others will bloom in solidarity, in knowing that they/we are not alone … far from it.

“Your roots will guide you” has turned out to be a sort of prophetic message that has allowed me to open to my ancestors and heritage in unexpected ways.

Of possible interest to readers here is how my writing flows; some of my writing will be shared in stream-of-consciousness, free-writing, or contemplative, while other posts will be in a more traditional ‘article’ type of presentation. One thing is crystal clear to me; with each piece of writing that emerges, I see how every aspect of my life is and has always been a spiritual stepping stone into the Divine/Gaia/Goddess. Unearthing my feminine voice through writing is fascinating for me, and I hope readers might find my journey of interest to their own growth.

For the ‘role’ playing aspects of who I am in life, I am a spiritual eclectic, a frequency holder, and an imaginal academic, a writer and homemaker, a natural health care facilitator, and a woman who enjoys the company of animals, the bliss of nature, and the beauty of mindful conversations.

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