Gayatri Mantra – In Summary


This post completes my journey through the Gayatri / GaiaTree Mantra … (I made this journey with deep respect and reverence toward the Hindu religion and the Indian culture, though I am neither; my Ayurveda teachers, many of whom were Hindu, were gracious and open in offering their culture’s spirituality, philosophy, and wisdom, for which I’m grateful.)

While meditating upon and chanting the Gayatri this morning, following all these contemplations of its meaning, intention, and source, I could visualize the vibrations of each line. It was like they now hum with a sacred focus upon which I can more easily relate — the Divine Feminine. Prior to this conscious reflection into the energy of the Gayatri Mantra, I would feel purity and sacredness but could also feel some misalignment within my own vibrational field. Now, though, I feel an intimate, visceral interconnection. This is more a feeling, a heart-sensation, rather than a thought or belief. As if the words have now become pure sound within the vibrational pattern of Gaia … a pattern within which I feel strong resonance. And with this shift into feminine fields, I become open into the non-gendered Divine. 

The Gayatri Mantra is the “sonic incarnation” of the Divine, and, interestingly, is aligned with or depicted as Goddess, a further deity incarnation of Sarasvati (who is Goddess of learning, creativity, knowledge, music, arts and science). Goddess Gayatri images express the five pranas of the five tattvas, and she holds the five ayudhas (tools) that we use in our lives to fulfill our purpose. She expresses Shakti — creative energy. I knew She wasn’t absent within the Gayatri, if only I could explore her every curve by diving deep, and feel her heart opening, guiding, loving.

The Gayatri is ultimately, however, a deep yet non-specific prayer to the gender-free Source of All Existence. This is probably why it has survived for thousands of years and is chanted by people of all spiritual paths. There are many translations and interpretations of the mantra as a whole and, as I’ve seen by exploring it word-for-word, even each sound/word can be perceived in various ways — celebrating diversity of Spirit, embracing gender-free Divinity, and the tremendous Joy found in all life.

Sanskrit holds forth that the Gayatri mantra is a “sonic incarnation” of the Divine. Recognizing that the Divine rests in sound and within all variables of life that we can experience — seen and unseen, matter and energy. I treasure how the ancient seers, living in the forests, truly experienced and knew the Divine as omnipresent and fully manifest as well as being able to concurrently know this Primal Force as deities (archetypes, energy beings, or other; perhaps as created deities based upon the reflection of the Sacred we feel within our own human forms and manifested outwardly).

I realize this perception can be hard for people who like neat and tidy boxes and labels to wrap their heads around and in which to plant their beliefs. But the more I have learned and opened, the more it all makes sense. There is no way we can limit or inhibit the expression of the Divine — now or ever. People attach God or Goddess, or other names, symbols or planes of existence, to Divine. But the Gayatri doesn’t — instead, it provides the sounds of qualities, it describes, it opens a conduit to the Divine as “That” … that which is everything we try to use words to describe in order to share the Infinite with others or relate to ourselves … to share the Divine through feelings of knowing ‘That’ which is all around and within.

I explored how I might wish to recall my journey through the Gayatri; I nearly created a lengthy, complex reflection but heard a dulcet whisper from within that said “simplicity.” So for now, when I chant the Gayatri Mantra, these are the soft touchstones that resonate:

Gaia Tree of Life, Earth Goddess, Divine Mother,

you are the Sacred Fountain that gives birth to and sustains all life,

you are the Light of Love through which I celebrate diversity;

you are the Background of Joy upon which I exist and dwell within;

I humbly ask that your healing Grace be present, active and realized within all of us.


**Please Note:  I am neither Hindu or a scholar of Indian culture or religion, and I don’t profess to understand the intricacies of these beliefs for others; I am simply sharing what resonates with me.

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