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Word Soup Spilling Over

white sands my feetI am the breeze that lifts the leaves and stirs the timing of morning rhyming cool and bliss as morning’s kiss upon my skin where night has gone and day begins and Gaia spins a cloth of glowing threads upon the knowing of our heads where does not dwell the soul, oh no, for we are of the whole and world is all that we delight upon the mast-head of the ships all sailing cross the seas with sheets billowing and rippling breeze.

It seems the words of daylight dawning bring the grin of yawning day, opening, yearning, swelling until we are full of hearts that ask in graceful swoops on morning kisses, are we in the quickened breezes of bliss?

Habits are meant to change and shift just as wind’s fingers lift my hair and give it the flair of tangled lair wherein waits the guardian of the gate in her filmy dress and she beckons less is more, so we are One because our expectations are all done and we can dance upon the air where fate meets chance and all is One.

Filled with purpose up my sleeve I pull away to bare my arms until the kisses, dust and charms are once more free to seek the knowing that is flowing. Closing eyes and breathing deep, I am awake and not asleep yet can we see the shifting sands of human heart and love’ dark hands that cup us gently, raise us high, and then we sleep into the sigh of radiant joy that is all around and flying through the gritty ground until our feet are buried deep and we once more eternal sleep cradled in the arms of love, as below so above.

All is now as day begins and I am smiling with the winds so cool upon her lips and allow my heart to soar and dip like angel’s wings and bird-voice sings into the dawning. Birds are chirping “breakfast’s here” and I love to listen, really hear, the calls of nature in the wind where hearts delight in day’s begin where I am drifting right along with word soup magic in the song, the creamy luscious soup of soul and how she makes the turning whole instead of split from all our parts, Gaia brings us nourished hearts within the gigantic pot int he earth, she sips and stirs and gives us birth. It seems the lull of wind and earth are my divinely purposed birth. Thank you mother-father for my joy of knowing more than plain constricted blowing for here within the land is ease and always turning into peace.

Stir the soup and taste the flavors all the rainbows change behaviors in the spiral of life’s spinning, into death and all beginning. Smiling dogs and laughing birds, all our voices are now heard for tuft of hair becomes the nest and this small twig a nursing breast, and just until the breath goes out feel the gap of pause receded the doubt transforming pain into love again. Upon the precious inhaled air as all I feel goes everywhere. Here, this moment’s single heart is not aware of time’s depart upon the ashes scattered there, among the rocks and sand and fluffy hair caught on cactus spines that poke and prod me into finding fresh perspective in the momentary pause where I am captured in the claws; talons of hawk who circled letting each moment cycle into the next until the current stopped and together we knew, exchanged life one to the other in blessed transfer of existence, one to the other, give receive and give again, hold the wind’s hand. Ahhh…done, upon the winds once more I soar where once I was upon the floor of desert cholla singing earth, see how I’ve now been given birth into the breeze? Kiss the air, hug dark soil, see the light, and flowing my blood into each momentary toil where shift and change are gifts of life where bliss is all when resistance fades into the dawning blessed day.

When we offer word soup, it is a special spiritual blend of savory and sweet, enjoining all flavors into nourishing flowing soma because the words are poured from sacred sound into consciousness and then onto the page for communion.