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She Weeps and Fills the Well

In perfect synchronicity, last night I began reading about “entering the cauldron” of Ceridwen (Avalon Within by J. Telyndru) to receive the gifts of wisdom and prophecy, of healing. This morning, I woke to “the blessed rain that falls like grace, without regard to wealth or race” (from the song “We Were Sleeping” by Carrie Newcomer) — this is the rain that fills the well from which we draw the water for our cauldron. In a spiral of life, a deluge of water moving from one place to another, healing and nourishing. I feel myself soften and relax, just as I imagine the newly green trees are doing, as we breathe into the moisture together.

Rainy Day in the Trees 042017I would agree with Telyndru that “true healing is a function of the soul.” This is the premise that I have adhered to for more than two decades, and is the touchstone of my own spirituality and healing journey. The cauldron is a womb, a place of transformative power where the waters of grace hold the ingredients of that which we have uncovered within ourselves. Then, through each cycle of “cooking,” we bring forth precious drops of wisdom and heal a bit more of ourselves and thus the world. Or, as Telyndru puts it in her interpretation of the myth of Ceridwen’s cauldron:

“As we embark upon this quest for wholeness we gather the scattered parts of ourselves; at different times and in different seasons, we add them to the brew. Through this alchemical process, we reveal the three drops of Awen–the illumination within the shadow. Freeing these drops causes the vessel to break–the unneeded elements of the brew are our outmoded patterns ….”

And yet, the journey is far from over for, as many wise teachers have said, enlightenment is a process, not a single event. So, once the cauldron shatters and we ingest the wisdom of that particular brew, we form a new container for our experiences and begin again.