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A Song of Mountain Currents

All the faces waking up are opening mouths and pouring forth the voices of Truth. Each one’s truth is a little different as they see through their unique nature and not through a group lens. Like the eye of the hawk, they see clearly and pour out their hearts and truth in beauty unparalleled and incomparable. No comparison!

On swift wings they dive and soar, their speed impressive as they quickly discern where nourishment is full or false. We sing them down from the sky to give them our voice, our message and they take it with them up high once more. The sound of the air through their wings sets the song free upon the currents that wrap the entire world in an embrace of breathing. We all breathe in each others songs and voices and truth, and the resulting score is a symphonic masterpiece, fresh and new each time. We share our songs until the universe is resounding in harmonic cords that have never been heard before!

mountain riverFrom the spring on the mountain top gushes forth in scintillating silver the voices of every droplet of moisture that has collected within the wells of wisdom and we are jubilant in Her abundance. Song explodes around us and from within Her core we know our One Soul, our joined Spirit that unifies this planet into a beautiful biosphere. We see and hear and voice the truth of individuality and same — the song of dichotomy that makes no sense but is perfectly at home in our hearts.

When I remember to open my mouth, to set free the voice I hear, and record its shapes and symbols, I am at peace. Creative expression frees the soul and reveals what I need to do. “I know where I’m going” because I’m happy right here and now. Truth and love are settled in each others arms, cradled in my heart, and they sing me to sleep as I rock them gently within the mountain currents.