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Gayatri Mantra – Devasya

Continuing my journey through the Gayatri / GaiaTree Mantra …

Devasya — definitions or understandings of the actual word/sound are:

quality (guna), attribute, function,

individual qualities of the Divine that manifest


To acknowledge the glorious and varied qualities of the Divine is to affirm the Unity of All as Divine. 

Celebrate diversity and honor the Divine for all manners of being, doing, becoming and transition are of Her. 

I love this sound–Devasya–flowing like the rivers of Her birthing waters that fill our world with love and infinite varieties of form and function. Our biodiversity here in Mother Earth is one part of the whole of the Universe of Diversity and we cannot even grasp the complexity of how all is interrelated, though we try to understand Her Great Mystery and all our roles that resonate back to the original Song of Love. We live in the harmonies and dissonance of function that needs to be recalled into the whole of Spirit to be at peace universally, or even just globally. 

All my thoughts become the manifest reality and when I imagine, the abundance of energy that pours through creation is minuscule compared to the imagination of Gaia. Look at all the diversity into which we are wholly integrated. Magnificent. 

Our perspective is one of duality because matter expresses through contrast. We could not know the gifts of Light without the Dark presents, could not survive with only Light in the manifest world. 

Our major opposites of the perceived gunas are simple and only the tip of the iceberg as we begin to understand the diversity of function and role within our manifest world. Here and now is where we experience the Divine — She is everywhere with open arms and gentle smile to soothe as we stumble and to encourage our footsteps on our unique paths of discovery, for see how we are all different, all growing at different paces. 

We are contained within the greater cell of world form and know galaxies whirling within our own cells of these body temples. And all life is this! Just this — the incredible diversity of Divine imagination, evolving, transforming, falling and dying, to be reborn into ourselves every moment. We are the transcendent experiencing immanence and it is a beautiful, wondrous mystery, is it not? 

I cannot contain the effervescence of the knowledge of diversity in all its wonders. I begin to think of it, feel Her energies, see every speck of creation grow with light and expand, and I am bursting with joy, gratitude, amazement and awe. The way in which all these qualities blend and divide and multiply is truly Divine. Each quality becomes entwined with another. 

We break our understanding into bits and pieces to try and comprehend the magic, and to explore, yet we mustn’t forget to put them back together, allow the bits to merge, interconnect, unify as is their very nature and the heart of the Divine. This is a trap we have often fallen into — to see the pieces and forget that they are part of the whole of Gaia, every single spark necessary to the fire of life if we are to experience the wonder of Unity here and now. 

Our future is not set. We can become new forms and lose this one if we continue without care for the whole. And maybe that is all part of Her gift of free expression as we choose our paths … on a grander scale than we can conceive, She moves in and out of becoming, breathing, sleeping, dying to one world and waking to another, different blends of qualities. Will She ever know abiding Love and Peace in Her world of form? The grand experience of life continues always … changing.