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Divine Feminine Yoga

There is an upcoming event I know you won’t want to miss:

The Divine Feminine Yoga Telesummit.

Last year’s was fabulous!

Dearest Laura (the Yogini who created this event), 

Thank you so much for bringing this event into our world! I have listened to last year’s recordings several times, each time receiving renewal of the original energy and and also experiencing newly revealed gifts from women’s wealth of wisdom. I am tickled to see that this year’s speakers create a bountiful, beautiful brushstroke once more! I was blessed to learn from both Shambhavi and Suddha when I attended Kripalu School of Ayurveda, and will treasure hearing their voices and wise words again; their vibrations are so delightful that I relax into Goddess immediately. Of course, Shambhavi shares Goddess beautifully through her books. And I recently purchased Nischala Joy Devi’s book — lovely synchronicity! I can hardly wait, and will, for sure, purchase a Moon Pass so that I may listen and be inspired repeatedly.