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Sublime Sunset

Sunset February 2017

In nearly all of my spiritual studies, much emphasis is placed upon the blessings of sunrise or pre-sunrise; this is presented as the optimum time and space for connecting with Self and the Divine. However, even though I have taken up the practice of rising before dawn quite a few times these past ten years, I still feel little resonance with sunrise. Sunset though? Ah, now that is an entirely different experience.

Sunset is the liminal space in which I feel a deep connection with all aspects of life and the unseen world. The moments after sunset are exquisite … I’m filled with gratitude and serenity. I breathe a sigh that seems to come from another world, from ancestors, from the benevolence of Gaia as some of us move toward sleep while a mysterious world awakens all around us. Sunset heralds the darkness of womb and cave and cauldron where magic happens.

I’ve read that the Celts believed the new day began¬†at dusk … perhaps it is my Celtic roots that entangle themselves in my evening ¬†shimmer of delight.