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As I begin preparing for college, I say grace to the Feminine Divine,

in Her energy as Goddess Saraswati,

for Her guidance.


She is Mother of Wisdom, Goddess of Knowledge,

She is The Flow of Divine Sound into Words.

Books and Paper are Sacred to Her.

The following video is the mantra version I learned

while studying at Kripalu School of Ayurveda in 2010,

and I trust the resonance will open the space around me

to the intuitively guided learning that is bestowed by

Goddess Saraswati.

The following quote is from an interview of Manorama:

“Our job as the student is to ask what is truly being meant by the imagery.  Invoking mantras to Saraswati calls to your own creative essence asking the energy to move through you and link up with the one vibration of the universe. It is like invoking a river of energy that flows underneath you that is ever connected with all. Saraswati doesn’t determine the creation, she just gives you access to your own storehouse of creative energy that is both satisfying and fulfilling. When you are connected with your source energy your creation has an immortal and eternal quality. The body passes, the mind shifts, but something about you remains eternal. When creativity syncs with your soul, what manifests through you is eternal.”


For more information via a beautiful essay about Saraswati,

go to Sacred Wind’s Sarasvati page.

Gayatri Mantra – Savitur

Continuing my journey through the Gayatri / GaiaTree Mantra …

Savitur — definitions or understandings of the actual word/sound are:

the fountain, source, sustainer, creation, procreation, self-guidance


Our Mother, the fountain, the spring that bubbles up and gives birth through the waters of the womb and sustains all life through this same water. We are primarily water and Her fountain bubbles in us as well. We create and when we create, we honor Her. She is creatrix and creation both and so are we. Every time we create we are an imagining of the Infinite Source of Life.

I hear the sound of water, a stream trickling near the path of my spiritual journey, and a voice harkens “follow me to the Source.” I step lightly alongside and the water sings me into peace as I walk with Her and soon I know my own voice joining with Hers, the birds, all the creatures and elementals. I skip along like a child where Her speed increases, She flowing downhill, me climbing uphill, opposite directions but in perfect harmony.

I pause and sip from a cold waterfall no higher than my knee, imagining all the unseen beings and the animals, too, drinking from this very pool of reflection that shows me I am also a part of Her; I cup my hands and fill them with Her precious blessing, then continue on my way among ancient oaks and newly born ferns, and tiny frogs hop out of my way with a snappy “plop” into the waters of their birth.

Just as my legs begin to tire, and my breath is becoming labored, I come to the Source, a spring upon the side of the hill pouring out water crystal clear and then bubbling as it flows over some rocks into a small pool lined with smooth stones that rise above the surface creating a shallow chalice. Yet, there is a small hole near the top where out pours a stream of water from the woods fountain that becomes the stream I followed here. I found the Source of all that sustains and She is a gift of glorious, continually flowing bounty.

And She is on Her way, bubbling over rocks … 

Water invites Air to play and together they create champagne waves of inspiration, and Fire/light joins in to provide a shimmering, twinkling dance. Then, Water comes to a level clearing and slows, contemplating herself and her direction as Earth loosens and softens into silt to be stirred up by passing furry feet or pointed toes and carried downstream … Then, I can hear Water giggling as she rushes over a ledge into free fall again and begins cleansing into clarity once more. Over and over she changes, playing among her siblings.

Life is born within Her journey, from dragonfly and mosquito eggs hatching on Her fluid skin, to frogs and fish who dwell within Her depths, to all the creatures who come to drink from her pools and waterfalls–streaming life from Source. Rain falls and overwhelms the little stream for a while, creating new channels and byways, but then the rain stops and the stream continues to flow from Source.