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Gayatri Mantra – Swah

Continuing my journey through the Gayatri / GaiaTree Mantra …

Swah — definitions or understandings of the actual word/sound are:

all-pervading, omnipresent, Divine Bliss


She is the background of Joy upon which I play in the world, trying on various roles. Yet, always, if I look around … beyond the scenes of interactive matter and of soul’s purposeful discernment, She is here, within; Her glow pervades all that is, expanding, radiating, and embracing. Imagine if we simply release our fears and drop all the boundaries we’ve created to protect and safe-guard? Her blanket of vibratory elation would envelop all life and we would be free.

We know this sensation of Her Bliss. We know Her in that moment of silence when the mind is still, in the minute of listening with open heart to the words of the dying who are ready and accepting, in the seconds when moving between one yoga posture and another, when gazing into the eyes of an animal who has chosen to spend a thread of its life with us, when enraptured by the diverse gifts of nature. We have all been contained in a bubble of bliss at times. And we have been offered this opportunity to exist within life aware always of that backdrop of life. What if we could see through the substance and feel beyond our own purpose? Would we rest in Bliss? in Gaia?

These are pointers to help guide us into the nature of the Divine … sounds that open us into She who cannot be labeled or known through any one concept or word or note because She is the whole Song of the World, every piece and instrument and pause and phrase. Yet we are drawn to acknowledge and honor Her, to open and seek to catch a glimpse or glimmer of Her Essence that is infused within all life around us and within us. But She cannot be ‘gendered’ or anthropomorphized because She is literally unknowable and ever changing — we are blessed, though, with the ability to feel Her presence everywhere. This is Her gift to us–that we can know Her through all we see and feel and experience just as She expresses Her presence through all the world. 

Imagine … what if we could feel every cell growing and dying and being created within our bodies? All those trillions of cells … and we could fee and know each of them intimately because they are a part of this body, this whole. And what if we could see the thoughts of our minds and the emotions of our beliefs and the feelings of our hearts? What would they look like? We can name them so that we can try to show them to and share them with others, but our words fall short, as does a painting that can evoke different sensations and images depending upon who is looking and what their life story is and from what perspective they are viewing it.

Gaia, the Infinite, is all forms and non-forms. She is the wisdom that encompasses the great creation that is our earth, our galaxy. Imagine all those other worlds out there in space? She is those as well, and we are connected to them, too. This spark, this energy that is wise and conscious and separate yet One.

And so we use words, like in the Gayatri and other chants, songs, and prayers, to relate to Gaia, to name the connection we feel or would like to. But the words can separate us from Her if we limit Her to them, so we must be ever watchful to realize that all we use to describe Her are transient, flexible and … not really Her. Only guides. 

And my words are fewer than scholars, philosophers and theo/alogians. But my heart knows more than the words that flow. And so I see Her in the elements and feel Her in the essences of all life and open to Her gifts of nature so that I may feel Her within me. She is unlimited and Hers is the Bliss of communion; all is possible when I allow for time and place to fall away so that only love and faith remain in the world I inhabit within Her.


This completes the first line or part of the Gayatri as most of us recite it. In summary, it is an invocation, or, I prefer the definition of it as “an appeal for inspiration and guidance” as this feels more appropriately humble.