That Which Enhances Life

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Within a mystical journey, the writer Evelyn Underhill, in the classic Mysticism from 1911, notes that when one connects with the Divine, we experience a Love that enhances all life, ours and those we touch in our daily lives. She writes about part of the path that:

“Next, you will become aware of a heightened significance, an intensified existence in the thing at which you look. As you, with all your consciousness, lean out towards it, an answering current will meet yours. … Seen thus, a thistle has celestial qualities: a speckled hen a touch of the sublime.”

This recognition of That Which Enhances Life as the spark, the illumination that links and binds us all, could heal our polarized world.

When we open to Source, to relationship with the Infinite, Underhill writes that:

“True Illumination, like all real and vital experience, consists rather in the breathing of a certain atmosphere, the living at certain levels of consciousness, than in the acquirement of specific information. It is, as it were, a resting-place upon ‘the steep stairway of live’; where the self turns and sees all about it a transfigured universe, radiant with that same Light Divine which nests in its own heart and leads it on.”

Most of us who seek to consciously travel a spiritual path may experience this deep union only rarely, though with tremendous gratitude and reverence.

For those aware of Being and Becoming in our universe and who are of a certain type of temperament that naturally leans in the mystical direction, we/they continue beyond Illumination seeking ultimate Unity with Source as part of their spiritual practice.

Thank you for sharing.

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