No Longer Forgotten

Maybe this is partially the reason that I felt so compelled to explore further and further into my family’s roots, so that the ancestors would no longer be forgotten but instead honored.

“The dead remain part of the human community. We can call on them for guidance, inspiration, and support. They become ancestors who guide and protect their line … and provide help in acquiring skills they may have had.” ~ Starhawk

There are many Grandmothers in my lineage, named and unnamed, that I intend to call into presence for remembering and healing our relationship. One line is that of Clarisy Jane Maddy of Tennessee, my third great-grandmother, back to her great-grandmother Ann Morris (married Maddy, then Parsons) of West Virginia, who in her elder years was a healer called “Granny Parsons” and deeper back into time from her.

Clarisy Jane Maddy

Clarisy Jane Maddy


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