My Birth-Species

I’ve been wanting to write about what I comprehend as one’s Birth-Species. How does that affect our lives when we understand that maybe our previous life incarnation was as a different species than our current human one? How does it relate to our ancestors in other species? To our human ancestors? If we feel closer to our Foster-Species or Adoptive-Parent-Species, than to our human species, how can ancestral dialogue heal these strange (or maybe not so strange) dichotomies?

Grandma Old PhotoAs I research and explore my human ancestors, near and distant — i.e., my Birth-Species — through family history records and genealogical tracings, I feel a multitude of emotions coursing through me — from elation to shame, from fascination to aversion. How do I heal this connection to those people in my bloodline, my body-line?

Yesterday, I listened to an audio recording with Dr. Daniel Foor of Ancestral Medicine, a guest on the limited-time-access interview series titled “Remembering the Truth of Who We Are.” Of all the marvelous people and topics within this series, I felt the strongest resonance with what Dr. Foor was saying about connecting with and healing our spiritual relationships with our ancestors … probably because I’ve been immersed these past two years in writing a family history and genealogy book.

I found myself asking whether Ancestral Medicine and its healing work address some of the discomforts I’ve felt regarding my Birth-Species and my life? Could it help a tendency toward misanthropy? Will it open new insights about feeling closer to more-than-human animals than to other humans? Can it build bridges within families? Could it heal the blame-shame cycle around human atrocities like genocide and slavery? Will it offer a new perspective for those who feel our Birth-Species doesn’t resonate with our Soul? Can it provide a fresh lens upon meeting our ancestors with the intention of compassion instead of avoiding humans because that feels so anthropocentric and separate from the whole of life that is Gaia and our Biosphere? Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 11.20.30 AM

As I listened, I realized that Dr. Foor offered some of the guidance I’ve been seeking in connecting with my human ancestors. I’ve been a seeker on a spiritual earth-path for more than three decades, but only recently realized that the chasm between me and my Birth-Species ancestors is a block to my further growth and evolution … and, thus, a block to healing self and others. I’ve ordered his book Ancestral Medicine. You can find some of his free talks HERE.

May we all be at Peace.

Thank you for sharing.

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