Spiritual Essences

Since 1999, I’ve been grateful for the offerings of Spirit through flower and/or meditative essences. In 2010, I was blessed to be able to attend two workshops with the insightful Ian White: healer, teacher, and co-creator of the Australian Bush Flower Essences (primarily supporting the mental and emotional levels) and the White Light Essences (assisting the inner or soul levels).

This is today’s sweet story, connecting the above with my Celtic journey …

While reading about the Celts, I was suddenly overwhelmed by the need to check my seven White Light Essences and re-order any that I was out of. I hadn’t taken any doses from that line in years. As I made a note to order several of the essences, I decided to re-read the little descriptive book that came with them, the one that outlines where they were made and what their qualities are. I had forgotten that two of them were Celtic in their associations: part of Water Essence was made on the isle of Iona, off the Scottish coast; Devic Essence was made in the Chalice Well Gardens in Glastonbury!

Isn’t that a lovely synchronicity?

Thank you for sharing.

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