Elemental Tapestry


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Elemental tapestry …

As the images of Divine Feminine on my altar sway their hips and hearts and minds in alternating prismic patterns of rainbow energy to support me during each moment of the day, so do the lands of Mother Earth weave a blanket upon which to lay and a rug upon which to play into Her love.

Opening, I welcome the threads familiar and also unseen for all create the tapestry of me…and all of us.

Sweeping crumbs from the corners of the rooms, dusting off the old relics and donating them to the cauldron of creativity.

The threads of my tapestry are naked limbs in winter and deep roots in the spring, and the eggs of all that will be designed and decorated with a green twig of neem and mesquite and pine.

Giddy! Giggly, wiggly, water sloshing in the air from rainfall!

What I perceived as a single experience of pilgrimage to Crete was in reality a precious thread that is the ethereal blue story of my opalescent life exhibited specifically within the entire transition to the southwestern desert where heat is transforming me; I am being fired until I bubble inside a kiln made in a marriage of opposites where I was shown that the masculine within me can be kind and generous while also protective and stalwart.

Shown that I can clean the house and also create new worlds of dreams and imagination where we all can venture forth to discover ourselves among the hills and valleys of multiple dimensions falling into someone else’s world as it becomes temporarily our reality to learn, grow, stretch our wings, and sink our roots.

A journey has no beginning or ending though we may at times perceive the garnet stepping stones as life’s blood dripping away as we climb the emerald tower or descend into the diamond cave of ancestors who died before the dinosaurs were born.

We limit ourselves when we isolate the journey, and try to follow what might have been true as a child but has become as false as a wounded soldier upon the ravaged fields coming home to sweep away the debris from the corners where they, the pesky particulates of what once was, have been hiding themselves building ant hills and tunnels for termites undermining our foundations.

We sweep them into the center of the floor and, look, there’s the button missing for years that held me carefully together, and the back of an earring that let me hear the song of great-great-aunt Dora’s jewelry box overflowing with remnant memories of a wild heyday in the roaring twenties of flappers and booze and slinky dresses.

My journey of Being began long before Becoming, long before the rolling wheels of wagons led bare, bone-tired feet along tattered and torn trails of tears … and yet I taste tears in my mouth and feel the ache in the arch of my foot when I pause to sink into the well-spring of diverse paths, pause to hold the healing waters of ocean pilgrimage that left itself inside me, that seeped into my body through skin and nose and ears ringing with priestess song.

The loops of this tapestry bind and release, breaking then mending, and started long before I breathed my first gasp in emergence. Was that yesterday?

The intricate pattern is rolled up in the rug and stood on end so that I can sweep up the bits of colored thread fallen away, fallen into the cracks or blown into the corners now swept clean.

My life in an imaginary room that is the very image of the world I’ve lived and breathed and journeyed a million times carrying within me the stardust that is all of us.

We are the tapestry and the very unseen of existence that tickles and swims through the air invisible to the eye yet felt in our souls as the union of opposites never to be separate except in our personal limitations of mind.

Vibrant hues and pastel winkings fan themselves across my skin from tongues of dog kisses, and the freedom of place, and the love everywhere that is a handsome man’s face, the broad-spreading canopy of thirsty trees, the eternal blossoms of life.

We are the journey, all of us are the journey.

We are the movement and the stillness.

We are One within billions and billions of expressions in multi-colored threads of liminal, infinite tapestry.

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