Showers of Blessings


Gaia shares a sign with me, she rains tears of joy upon my heart, anointing me into a circle where sisters gather warmly welcoming. She pours blessings into the coolness of autumnal rains that fall while I am in the womb of feminine energy, of sacred woman sanctuary. I dedicate the following contemplative free-write to Donna and all the women who were part of the women’s circle last night at The Center for the Sacred Feminine. With Love and Gratitude…Showers of Blessings to All of You!


Showers of blessings

in gray skies or blue

as the giftings of Gaia

flow downward and through

and upward from core

where earth-blood speaks true.

Showers of blessings

from sisters in soul,

presents of Goddess

molten silver and gold

while the season is shifting

to darkness and cold.

Watching rain falling




splatters of concentric circling before going inward and down.

Listening to the rhythmic

pulse of tears of




heard in the staccato unfolding, playing all around.

The nearby fat splat

upon wet sandstone pavers,

a distant chorus of indistinguishable voices

raised in mighty songs of praise.

The vague auditory notion of gushing streams

down once dry culverts

pushing and shoving each other in joyful abandon.

Never have I loved the rain as I do now.

Never have I appreciated so fully

its precious blessings

showered upon the face of Mother Earth.

A grace of diversity,

a grace of flowing wisdom

that was once mere knowledge.

Even my cells are dancing in the rain,

pouncing in and out of puddles,

permeable to its flowing clarity.

Inhale the rain upon dry tissues

parched and eager,

microscopic hairs grow invisible feathery tendrils

rapidly spreading and soaking up all the moisture

in an instant unseen to share

with the deeper layers

of body temple…

roots beneath, within, surrounding,

protecting the temple,

covering it with a rainbow of elements.

Gaps in the streaming droplets

open space for silence

until the rainfall becomes

both the stillness and the song.

The saturation of sensation

is poured in sublime showers

cascading from heavens

extending into infinity

where birth begins in the

ebony amaranthine folds of space.

Each drop of rain

holds the essence of this infinity

and showers us with possibility.


Bathe in the birthing fluid of Gaia

that is borne along by tears of joy that celebrate diversity.



vessel brimming

soft cool clarity and peaceful workings

of imaginary bliss

that tends the kiss

of Gaia here in these moments

while She sings and I listen,

scribing Her voice

from skin now moist

and ears now open,

a scintillating veil displayed

before me flows in ebbing silver

with a guiding flicker of wind

and a container of spirit

allowed onto the earth

through passages of net and thread woven

upon the biosphere

that we call heart and soul

(yet science turns inanimate in its ignorance)

yet all do know Her when they dream

and so we are the grace that She is giving

as we keep on loving and living,

finding our way,

hopping puddles, streams, lakes, oceans

where we think we know

and then we step into the blowing rain


and truly know.

She showers us with blessings.

All we have to do is allow, accept, open.

Dust pours off leaves of trees

in pale yellow rivulets,

they pee themselves free for a while

of the thin layer of soil

so that when the rain stops,

and the sun shines,

they can open themselves fully,

broad and welcoming to the warmth and light,

to celebrate blessed diversity,

and then sleep in bliss…satiated.

Sky a pale blur of yesterday,

softness falling with rain;

welcome its sheets upon our earth-bed.

I say Grace.


Last night I was welcomed into the circle at the Center for the Sacred Feminine. This women’s circle is held at The Little Chapel of All Nations, a truly delightful space on the UA campus! We were in the small library and I felt so very much at home there. Further, below is a great song that I’d never heard before! Give it a listen!

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