The Pause

agaveyellowflowersThe Pause is where I am most at home. This is where we dream our lives into existence, where we gather the tails of all those monkeys that have escaped and swing wildly from jungle vines, chattering incessantly. Breathe. This is where we bring to union the protocols of driving forces and the winsome willows of eternity that don’t fit into a golden egg coveted by society. The Pause comes in many forms and at different times and though seems to be a waste to some is also the bravest embrace we will ever offer to Self and others. Presence. Courage. Gratitude. Truth. Compassion. All are born within the Pause that all life inhales and exhales … the ether that is the background of joy and was never meant to be restricted to the examination of rules and chains and leashes that prohibit freedom of flow from liquid implement that holds the heart in union with mind. Set aside rigidity and control in some areas; set free the ability to read and write without precise form and the flowers will transform, will become more than we can imagine as new creations emerge in a continual cascade of Soul.

Thank you for sharing.

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