Lunar Liquid

IMG_2090I stand within Her, within the pool of moonlight as She pours over me, filling me with imagination and dreams and the graceful existence of this moment. Scattered sisters sail through the cool waters of refreshing bliss, everything moving in slow motion as we drink in the glow that is beyond the mere seeing and into the knowing that we heal and then someone else heals and the waters of healing trickle down every hillside and tree trunk until we are all standing together as a healed whole of planet and stars.

I stretch my body temple to hold the moon upon my palms and Her love melts into my skin, rushing down arms into my shoulders like liquid love. Her fluids have breached my dams and the gates are open until I receive all that I am through the images cascading through my mind like waterfalls. I cannot halt the flow and don’t want to, for to experience imagination and vision is an ecstasy that will never be done because my soul is one with all Her gifts and we will continue the flow even through changing form and shifting world.

Thank you for sharing.

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