Kore Healing

KoreHealing2Belly breathing,

belly healing,

in stillness

upon Her breast

may I heal,

knowing rest.

A stream of golden fire, nursed in the dark womb, is flowing up from Goddess core (Kore), into my body, She is the molten umbilical, the healing energy of the candle in the night, the hearth fire always burning — la chispa never goes out. Earth Mother holding and supporting, we are joined.

Breathing Prana, in and out, Her power surges through dark and doubt; She flows on currents from sky and space, holding all the scents and sensations of the living breathing top world that turns over light to dark and back again.

Her vibrations spread throughout my body embracing and releasing, cleansing and healing, invigorating, sweeping away the toxins like a broom of straw made with love by hands of earth and air, washed in the river, warmed and dried near the fire of the always burning hearth. She moves in a spiral, dancing within Her Mystery, dancing with Earth Mother and Cosmic Womb.

Reiki flows down from Cosmic Womb, Grandmother Moon the birthing vagina, from within the space of Endarkenment’s blessing, a luminous white stream holds the black of all color, spinning in and out of obsidian to sapphire to turquoise to pale jade, and then into sea-foam where sea-horse dreams are waved into whale song healing.

From Kore is the foundation of who I am in this body, and Prana breathes into me the personality, while Reiki carries soul wisdom. All three are one and I become whole. I walk and laugh with Her glowing Kore of browns, golds, oranges and reds. I am in bliss, peace fills my lungs and beats my heart in translucent waterfalls of rainbows shimmering the Pranic vital force of animation. And Reiki swims my soul into awareness of this precious birth, this incredible life.

Kore and Prana and Reiki are the energies of Maiden and Mother and Crone; the elemental forces that interweave the web of life that is Oneness. Words of naming so flimsy to show Her power and grace that we live into each moment … feeling, breathing, thinking.

When I raise conscious healing energy, we three are One. They are not ‘out there’ somewhere, and I am not merely a channel for their power — we are the same, I am the micro of Her macro, and we are the lotus of She Who is the Great Mystery. Within Her eyes and embrace, there is no separation.

In stillness I receive Her grace and send it everywhere, sharing heart perception of healing with all who are open. Bring it narrow like a beam, growing green shoots of abundant love; send far and wide to embrace our entire world within a web of healing.

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