In The Sea

free photo © Wojciech Plonka |

I see the magic key

opening for me

a door into the sea 

of love wherein we

share all life.

I see me 

in the sea

born anew

fresh and full

of purpose.

The sea gives birth to a new me and I open my mouth to drink her in, feeling her flow through ears and eyes and throat and cells refreshed by immersion in her birthing waters. For a moment, I am no more, I disappear and we are here, together, Goddess and me. I laugh and submerge, rising in the foamy waves that wash away all preconceptions and notions of inferior status because of a past that no longer matters as it is pulled apart by the gentle tugging of current and seaweed, an ebb and flow that cannot be resisted — not that I want to, instead I float within the rhythmic rocking of renewal. All the stories coalesce inside and spill out into the sea to be changed, infused with the vibrations of Gaia’s healing tears, and then reabsorbed through skin soft and supple, no longer resistant or hesitant. 

I feel the sea of change, sweeping in her dramatic blue and white gown, reflecting green and orange scarves within her depths until I can see all the colors in me. Transformation pours out of my body, all of its orifices releasing their hold upon the illusion of who I was or should be until only the pure purpose of this form is whole and swimming free. 

I see the magic key for it is me. I am the key to my own life and everything else that stands in my way is swept aside by the powerful sway of the undulating ocean of life expressing her Divine love through this one droplet. Me. I ride upon her waves to the sands of time so warm and glowing with an inner light of sun and moon held from eons past, the tiny granules scrubbing the last bit of old scurf from my heels so I may walk with silken step upon the path that is before me and has always been here though obscured by layers of moldy shoulds and decaying negatory comments that I now see for what they are — the past in transformation, being destroyed to be birthed in her tears, flowing free and full as joy in presence and love in Self. 

Her ocean depths between the worlds are set to bring exploration of ancient glory and remarkable awareness that skimmed the surface of all existence like a shooting star across the sky, light and dark in rowdy play. Disappear and rise, the key always me, shined and polished, tumbled among oceanic trembles and sandy bars where reefs pristine only barriers now to what used to be in the sea. Swept away by the mesmerizing play of images through my mind from memory that is mine yet not. 

A sudden surge of boiling bubbles rise from the deep earth crust, a crack releasing pressure from within and then meeting air continuing to rise as steam … higher than I can see until drifting among the stardust of space and galaxy. Rising. Within my chest there is a mirrored lift, a bubbling to become — from the gentle gurgle of a newborn soul among the tired body form of existence but not new, only newly revealed, all along she has been dancing, treading water with infinite patience while I scrapped and fell and hid and tried not to be who I was. Isn’t she delightful now? She splashes water toward my face and I sputter with laughter that bubbles out of the once-was-drowning gurgle. And crystalline droplets flash in the air that is clear and blue, non-existent yet present as she breathes through me as air and moisture, filling my lungs and cells with renewal.

She is the sea and the sea is me. 


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