Gayatri Mantra – Varenyam

Continuing my journey through the Gayatri / GaiaTree Mantra …

Varenyam — definitions or understandings of the actual word/sound are:

 acceptance (of the Divine), (knowing the) worthiness (of Divinity), 

virtues befitting and harmonious with humanity


photo courtesy Green Hope Farm
all rights reserved

We move into a knowing that the Divine is our highest power, and within Self; knowing that we are empowered through the Grace of the Divine. She showers upon us Her Mystery through sharing Her Divine Light of worthiness and acceptance, and all those virtues that harmonize throughout our souls. 

When we accept that there is a Great Mystery … that She is the worthiness of everything in life and She is within us, then we also accept our own worth for we are part of Her and She a part of us. There is no separation. Who can view Her revealed in the miracles of life and not realize Her within ourselves? We are a part of–not apart from–the millions of creations of life force manifested. What can we do when we embrace that every part is worthy of the whole?

To accept Her as Universal Light, as the Vital Force in All, as the Cosmic Vibration of Love here on earth … to see Her this way in everything around and then … to know that if this is True–and I know in my heart-soul it is–then I am also worthy. I am imbued with Her essence so I am part of Her. To accept Her as Divine Grace is to also accept myself as a part of this Divinity because I walk and sleep and create within Her creations. We are interconnected and inseparable, sharing the same spark that is our Highest Power. We, all life, merely manifest different facets of Her. 

I accept Her as Divine and accept myself as part of Divinity.

I see Her as worthy, and thus I am worthy.


To explore the Gayatri is a fascinating journey. Each word/sound can be interpreted within a variety of impressions, as can the perception of the meaning of each line as well as the entirety of the mantra. I am finding that my contemplation of each word/phrase in the moment of my writing allows me entrance to the resonant depth of where I happen to be in that instant; and that pool is where the writing flows from. And all currents lead to The Divine; we cannot bypass Divine Mother Earth to try and reach Divine Source for they are the one and the same.

Flower Essences are a lovely assist to my journey … on the Gaia Path. Yesterday, my resonance was with Sunflower Spiral.

Thank you for sharing.

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