Gayatri Mantra – Tat

Continuing my journey through the Gayatri / GaiaTree Mantra …

Tat — definitions or understandings of the actual word/sound are:

that (the Divine), selflessness, devotion


To know, this is a reminder — in the beginning, at origin — that one is coming into sacred space and sound to honor the Divine without seeking reward or anything for self … selflessness. 

To know that during this mantra–in a time set aside for prayer and devotion–we are honoring and giving thanks to Gaia, the Tree of Life. Seeing Her branches spread like a canopy of love above us and Her earth our bed, Her mantle spread for our feet to walk upon the past into the present. Seems like forever is now when pausing in a sacred moment of pure devotion …. to simply exist in the experience of all that is around and within, to know the sense of self melts away until we are only sitting within the glow of Gaia and Life. 

This can be true anywhere. I used to feel like I had to be out ‘in nature’ — in the yards or fields, parks or forests, to be with Her but now I can be with Her anywhere … close my eyes and I can image Her natural beauty into the the present, feel the warm sand or cool dark trail beneath my feet, smell the pine needles and flowers, hear Her breath rustle or moan through trees or canyon … or open-eyed see Her in the room, how She permeates the walls that wear mineral paints and earthen textures, the furniture that is composite of wood or oil or metal either pure from Her gifts of forest or extracted from Her depths and we give thanks for these creations while honoring the deaths or tragic circumstances that may have brought them into new forms, honoring that all substance comes from her and we are merely the channels of changing form. She is That and we open to receive Her gifts, Her Grace. 

To love and treasure the moments when we pause to know only Her, without distraction of mind and activity. For these moments are sacred in recognition of all we are provided. Amazing. Sounds that return us again and again to attention … to be with Gaia now in gratitude. Feel the words and sounds echo in the room or drift upon the winds, wherever we are, the chant that comes to us from distant past — feel our voices supported and uplifted on generations of voices reverberating through time until we are One, all together in the Sacred Space of devotion to an Infinite Wisdom. Deep thanks. Peace descends, calm wrapping around like a mother’s embrace. In this moment, we release attachment to our external lives of doing and distraction — we come to this space in devotion to Her and leave our ego self set aside.

What is selflessness? How to carry this devotion to Gaia into the world and yet be true to the individual purpose? 

By seeing within, going below the surface existence of the world and seeking out the nearer purposes, the Soul gift that we came here with. When we are the creation of Her and create through Her, building and supporting in love … through “desire not duty” then anything is possible. 

We first must open fully to Her gifts of Life and Love. She has provided all we need, planted within us the seed, and we look within, carefully nurture and fertilize, and we open and grow from that space … and that space is now, part of the space we create to honor Gaia and recognize all are Her gifts … freely given into our care for growth and expansion to care for Her and others. All a circle, we cycle in and out of giving and receiving, falling and getting back up. Allow others to give and our hearts open even more. 

Devotion freely offered to Gaia — without expectation, asking for nothing in this moment — will soften and open our bodies to all gifts in the world of form. Be the space in which giving happens … 

Thank you for sharing.

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