Among Many

I move among many and feel how small we all are, only of significance in our own little sphere and yet this brings the oneness of knowing how vital we are to the whole energy field, that my vibration is echoing out into a broader expanse of existence than my own little created world.

This is brought home so clearly. See me, see them, the other people, and we infiltrate all parts of the whole system but it doesn’t revolve around us though we like to think so. Rather, I find it more comforting to know that I am not the center, I am simply one note in the melody of humans in the symphony of life. That I am a beautiful unique note, true in one perception, but reassuring to know that the song of the world is beyond magnificent and I am not responsible for the whole world, only this little one, and even then … not really. I can create changes and shifts or build a home but this too shall pass. And that’s a wonderful flow.

I can be flying high with the birds and swoop low to become the deer running through the forest and then leap into the stream becoming the salmon who is spawning and I burst from the eggs of which I am one of thousands and begin the cycle again.

I love the sense of freedom I feel in knowing I am in communion with all life and, ultimately, I just do my part and see what happens.

Then, following heart again to live the joy and embrace this moment in the dark where Grandmother Moon is full and Her light is soft–the world is dim and comforting. Then change happens and I am scared but always I am part of something greater than little me … I feel this immense love and creative force in my heart, my cells, my hands and mind, the grace of feelings that carry me to and fro like the trees bending and bowing in winds that challenge them to be strong yet flexible.

Gaia is everywhere and nowhere. And I love the ‘nowhere’ that can be all that there really is. Imagine a field of pure love. That is Her. An ocean of no beginning and no end? There She is again. This glorious universe. She is here, even more than here … She is All.

We have damaged other life, but can rise like the Phoenix over and over maybe in this form, maybe another. I’m not giving up, I am simply choosing to see beyond the limitations of human perception. If humans want to continue human life in this world and to experience joy, love, happiness, then we each must do our part to send those beautiful bountiful rays of light out into the world, or the deep dark of rest when there is need, doing what we are able. We need to heal ourselves and Mother Earth.

But I also feel a deep peace knowing Gaia is always–She is now and forever, an infinite well of creativity. And She has gifted us with the same well within ourselves–the Creatrix within–and it is always here to tap into. Be creative! Act in creation and Be in creation. We have the potential to Be in harmony with the rest of our world, this incredible universe that is Gaia beyond what we comprehend. All we need to do is Be loving and conscious of all the lives we touch, of all the changes available, all the possible paths. There is no such thing as “harm none,” though we seek to minimize damage and abolish cruelty, but there is the possibility of gratitude and honoring all life so that when we take a life–such as eating to survive–we know it, and know that we are taking in that life and together we are transforming. We can pause and truly see and honor every life that dies, every shift in the pattern of existence that affects other lives.

We are limited by our arrogance and so may not realize the fullness of the existence of a living mountain … where her rocks and soil live and are filled with aliveness for centuries. She is living at such a slow pace, how could we possibly imagine the kind of life that is the realm of the mountain? And that impossibly slow existence harbors so many other lives … just imagine.


This streaming was inspired by the ClarityWorks Online writing prompt “move among many.”


Thank you for sharing.

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