Endunamoo ~ to empower



From the Greek ~ to empower, strengthen, enable; to have power from within


free photo © Marc Dietrich | Dreamstime.com

Endunamoo was the title of a former blog. Its inspiration and content came from my autumn 2008 plans to join a small group of women on the Goddess Pilgrimage to Crete with Carol Christ. As it happened, that journey was not meant to be; not only did the Ariadne Institute cancel the trip, but within a few days after learning about the cancellation my dad died and home was where I was needed. Then, I was once more considering the possibility of going in Spring 2011, only to find myself in the midst of a move across the country from Maine to Arizona. However, these repeated forks in my path (and upset of plans) led to further reflection upon the Divine Feminine in my life … how She supports and encourages change and growth. And I couldn’t help but wonder how much preconception we bring into our lives, how much we idealize this or that part of our journey by thinking that it has to be a particular way. When we open and allow more flexibility, and offer ourselves into the possibility of the unknown, isn’t that amazing? We step into the ability to empower ourselves and to be equally empowered by Gaia.

So, even though I have yet to participate in the Goddess Pilgrimage to Crete, the Minoan culture, the Goddess Path, and Feminist Spirituality are still prominent energies in my daily life. These spiritual vibrations have expanded to include many other spiritual and cosmological concepts … those I’ve read about and those I’ve experienced/imagined.

“To have power from within” … well, really, I already ‘have’ power within, it only remains to unearth, realize and embrace the power within … and thus my journey on the Gaia path continues to evolve.


Thank you for sharing.

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